1X: Unleashing Innovation in Robotics

In our diverse portfolio, AI plays a significant role, but one standout investment has pushed the envelope of robotics and AI to new heights. Introducing 1X, formerly known as Halodi Robotics, a company with innovation at its core and a vision for the future. Their partnership with OpenAI gives the company fuel and engine to be a forefront player within the business.

At Skagerak Capital, we're passionate about backing transformative technologies that can reshape industries and enhance lives. Our choice to support 1X was driven by our unwavering belief in their mission and the substantial value they bring to the world of robotics.

1X's journey began with a bold vision and unwavering commitment. They excel in mechanics, electronics, and software, resulting in robots that are not only highly capable but also prioritize safe human interaction.

What sets 1X apart is their unique ability to gather invaluable data through their robots' real-world interactions. This data fuels advanced AI systems, enabling their androids to navigate autonomously and interact with humans in astonishingly human-like ways.

However, 1X's true value extends beyond their technology. It's rooted in their forward-thinking approach, which includes anticipating demographic shifts like the impending labor shortage in developed nations. Projections show that by 2035, the market for humanoid robots will reach a staggering $150 billion USD, offering significant opportunities for those who can address these emerging needs.

1X strategically positions itself in the security market, with their robot EVE gaining ground. Through partnerships with industry leader ADT, they deliver autonomous security and guarding services in commercial buildings. Simultaneously, they explore applications in retail, logistics, and healthcare, collaborating with key partners to turn their vision into reality.

Importantly, 1X's vision isn't about replacing humans; it's about enhancing our lives and addressing real-world challenges. Robots can assist with tasks and offer support, but they can never replace the unique human touch, empathy, and creativity.

Our partner, Espen Kjeldsen, sums up 1X's approach: "1X's unique and sustainable long-term strategy puts safety at the forefront of product design and development. Their dedication to innovation, combined with their respect for the human touch, fuels our enthusiasm at Skagerak Capital, Let’s Make History”

Espen meeting Eve

At Skagerak Capital, we don't see 1X as just a tech company; they're leading a transformative movement. Their mission goes beyond robotics innovation to reshape industries, improve lives, and tackle future labor challenges while cherishing the essential human touch.

As 1X pioneers the future of AI-powered androids, we're thrilled to be part of their remarkable journey. We eagerly anticipate the profound impact they'll make on the world, poised to usher in a new era of robotics and automation guided by innovation, vision, and unwavering dedication to excellence.