CB Insights' 2023 Tech Trends: Digital Smell Technology Set to Revolutionize Industries.

CB Insights recently published their tech trends for 2023, highlighting digital smell technology as an area to watch. This technology has the potential to revolutionize a variety of industries, such as food, retail, and healthcare, by digitizing and replicating odors. While digitizing scent is a complex process, as it involves the intricate interaction between molecules and smell receptors and is subjective in nature, the potential benefits of digital smell technology are numerous.

For example, it could lead to the development of more accurate and effective detectors for diseases, explosives, and food freshness. It could also allow companies to predict consumer preferences for new products more efficiently. Additionally, the ability to digitally encode and recreate smells could enhance immersive experiences, such as those being created for the metaverse.

Startup activity in this field is on the rise, and one company to watch is our portfolio company Tunable.

With their cutting-edge technology, Tunable develops and manufactures compact sensors based on MEMS technology that can identify and analyze multiple gasses simultaneously and in real-time using infrared spectroscopy. The company is dedicated to creating the world's most versatile optical gas analyzer, and its innovative technology enables the detection and quantification of several gasses with high accuracy and sensitivity. These sensors have already been used for exhaust gas measurement and fuel gas analysis on ships, and Tunable is exploring other potential applications such as transformer condition monitoring and methane monitoring in animal husbandry.

Tunable is really in a great position now. We expect a boom in the measurement of exhaust gas from ships due to the he EU fit for 55% initiative in the years to come. (Fit for 55: increasing the uptake of greener fuels in the aviation and maritime sectors - Consilium (europa.eu).)
At the same time the strive to replicate the sense of smell for different application is accelerating. The Tunable nose technology is one of the most promising technologies within this space, says our partner Terje Berg-Utby.

As we enter 2023, it is clear that technology will continue to evolve and bring about new and innovative developments. Digital smell technology is just one example of the endless possibilities that the future holds, and Tunable is a company to keep an eye on as it continues to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Photo: Tunable