Introducing Karoline Hegreberg Yuzer

Introducing Karoline Hegreberg Yuzer; Strengthening our Financial Expertise at Skagerak Capital! 👋We're thrilled to introduce Karoline, our latest team member who joins us as a Finance and Compliance Analyst. With her proficiency in financial management and compliance, Karoline is poised to contribute significantly to our mission.

⭐ What motivated you to become a part of Skagerak Capital?I have always been interested in start-ups and venture capital. When getting to know Skagerak Capital, this role seemed like a perfect match for me. I was especially intrigued by Skagerak Capitals focus on investing in companies that change the world for the better, as well as their desire to be data-driven.

⭐ What are you most excited about experiencing within our team and the work we do? I am excited to get the opportunity to be part of Skagerak Capitals journey and look forward to getting to know all the interesting people and companies involved!

⭐ As you settle into your role, how do you envision your expertise benefiting our mission of responsible finance and impactful investments?Steering capital in a positive direction for our society is something I am passionate about. We often focus on what we measure, and I believe I can contribute with my experience in using data to measure and highlight impact.

Welcome aboard, Karoline! 🚀