Labrador utilizes the power of AI for journalism.

Our portfolio company, Labrador CMS has been making significant advances with its integration of artificial intelligence. At the forefront of this transformation is their AI-powered title generator, a tool designed to simplify and enhance the headline creation process for journalists. By analyzing the core message of a story, it offers a range of suitable headline options, targeting optimal reader engagement and efficient content performance. 

Labrador's CEO, Jan Thoresen, views this AI initiative as an essential step in keeping pace with the ever-evolving world of digital journalism. 

"We equip journalists with the best tools that enhance their work's quality and efficiency," Thoresen elaborates. "We don’t use AI to write the story. Our system helps reporters produce handwritten journalism. But we use AI to enhance and help distribute the valuable content.”


Our partner, Andreas Eskeland expresses his appreciation for Labrador's efforts in merging AI with journalism. "Having experienced the transformative power of AI in various sectors, seeing Labrador CMS adopt it so seamlessly into journalism is impressive," Andreas remarks.

Labrador CMS's influence in the journalism realm spans across nine countries, benefiting over 200 online publications. Notable platforms like Dagbladet, TV 2, and Elle Magazine, trustLabrador for their content management needs. And the reasons are multifold. 

The Labrador CMS publishing platform is directly integrated with the OpenAI API. They offer advanced text refinement tools, intelligent AB-testing for article perspectives, and capabilities for auto-generating keywords, search descriptions, and even tailored posts for social media. A new feature for automatic image captioning is in the making.

The feedback loop is essential for Labrador CMS. Real-time engagement metrics guide the platform's suggestions, ensuring that content remains relevant and engaging for readers.This dynamic approach not only streamlines the content creation process but also ensures consistently high-quality output.

A frequent question that Labrador CMS receives is about data sharing. To clarify, when customers use their OpenAI integration, they do not share any of their data with other customers. By assigning a unique API key for each publisher, content is neither shared with other customers nor used to train the model beyond that specific site.

Jan Thoresen, CEO Labrador CMS 

However, with great power comes great responsibility. Thoresen stresses the importance of balance when leveraging AI in journalism.

"While AI offers unprecedented advantages, we must remain discerning.
It's crucial to ensure that the essence and integrity of journalistic content are not overshadowed by automation," he states.

As Labrador CMS continues to pioneer the integration of AI in the journalism sector, it paints a promising picture for the industry's future. By balancing technological advancement with journalistic integrity, Labrador is showing us a glimpse of how modern journalism can navigate and flourish in this digital era