Vixel Revolutionizes Construction Sector with VR Solution, Driving CO2 Emission Reductions

In the realm of construction and industrial innovation, Vixel stands out as a leading provider of VR solutions, transforming the way projects are envisioned and executed. Vixel's groundbreaking technology allows customers in the building, construction, and industrial sectors to immerse themselves in BIM, 3D models, and point clouds through virtual reality, facilitating enhanced collaboration and project understanding across teams.

The impact of Vixel's solution extends far beyond mere efficiency gains, with customers realizing substantial cost savings and CO2 emission reductions. By minimizing errors and the need for rework, Vixel drives significant reductions in emissions associated with construction activities. Rework accounts for a substantial portion of a project's overall emissions. By optimizing project outcomes, Vixel ensures that buildings achieve their intended lifespans, mitigating environmental impact and promoting sustainability. Moreover, the reduction in travel-related emissions, which, though constituting only 4% of a construction project's total emissions, can contribute up to 50% of CO2 emissions for consulting firms in the construction sector.

As Vixel continues to revolutionize the construction sector, its impact on emissions reduction and sustainable development is poised to grow exponentially and the company is growing rapidly, driving positive change on a global scale.

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